Dynamic Character Notes

Our Character Notes screen is based on a series of "traits" you can specify for each character. A trait is best described as "anything you want to record" for a character. You start with three traits: Name, Age and Gender.

Dynamic character notes
A sample character sheet

You can create your own traits to suit your needs using the "Edit Layout" button. You can also use this screen to rename or delete traits or change the order in which they are displayed. The checkbox next to each trait shows or hides a trait. Hiding traits you are not working on removes distraction.

Trait management

Traits can be single words or longer descriptive texts.

Single or multi line traits

You can rearrange the order of traits to allow you to concentrate on a trait across all your characters without excessive scrolling.

Dynamic layout

You can also rearrange the order of Characters to allow you to work on characters side by side.

Dynamic characters

Going deeper

The randomise button is a little experimental feature designed to nudge your creativity. Clicking the button will randomise the order of the characters. If you hide all traits and then randomise the characters order, you can assign trait values without knowing who the character is.

For example, if we hide all traits, randomise and then create a new trait called "Do they make it to the end". Now you can blindly add "Yes" or "No" to each character, unhide the name trait and see who gets killed off.

If you don't like the results you can adjust them as desired. This is an experimental feature designed to inject a little randomness into your creative process. Most of the results may be unexciting, but if you get one good idea, maybe something completely unrelated, then it's been worthwile. It is not designed to be prescriptive but to offer suggestions under your editorial control.

Try some of these traits:

  • Dark secret
  • Walks with a limp (use sparingly)
  • Hair colour
  • Religion
  • Favourite music
  • In an emergency, they would...
  • Secret skill
  • Lives in
  • Pet of choice
  • Bank balance
  • Smells like

More about traits

Traits are divided into several natural categories.

Physically descriptive traits such as "Hair colour" or "Fashion style" determine the mental picture you have of your character.

"Their choice" type traits such as "Favourite music", "In an emergency, they would..." or "Religion" encourage you to add personality to your characters.

"Societal positioning" traits such as "Bank balance" or "Lives in" allow you to place a character in their natural environment. This type of trait in conjunction with "Their choice" traits indicates friction or harmony.

Some traits apply to every character but some, such as "Walks with a limp", are best used sparingly.

One use of a good character sheet is to allow you to easily predict what actions a character would take in a given situation. The more detail you have the more options become available.