What is Scrollistic, what does it do.

Scrollistic is a lightweight Word Processor and story planning application. Designed for writing documents with chapters (e.g. novels, non-fiction books) The app makes it easy to navigate between chapters, move them around and rename them.

A big difference between this and other writing software is that it generates lightweight HTML for formatting the document.

Why is this useful ? This all depends on what you wish to do with your book when it is complete

If you want to print it yourself you can format it as a printed novel, generate the HTML, preview in a browser and then print it.

If you want to go to a Publisher, they should also be happy with HTML as it makes document formatting and reformatting very straight forward.

If you want to generate an ebook, we have almost completely automated the process, including automatic live Table of Contents and best practice document structure.

Almost all of the formatting uses sensible defaults. Whilst still allowing you to completely rewrite the styles if you are familiar with simple HTML and CSS.

Starting a new project.

When you start a new project, Scrollistic asks for a name. This does not have to be the name of your finished book, just choose something descriptive and helpful to you.

Scrollistic creates a folder with this name. You can choose where to create the folder, we recommend using a specific folder in your Documents folder for the specific writing project.

Within this folder are several files and folders such as "" which is the main document file.

Documents and backups - Don't lose your story.

You will also notice a backups folder. Each time you open the document we will automatically save a date stamped copy of your document in the backups folder. You can also create a backup at any time using the button in Settings. Backups and Autosave are switched on by default.

You can safely change your document in the knowledge you can always revert if needed, at any time.

At present, reinstating a backup is a manual procedure, automating this process will be included in a future release.

To reinstate a backup, firstly go to settings and create a backup (in case you want to revert later).

Close Scrollistic.

Open the backups folder with Windows Explorer and select the file you wish to use. The backup files are named with a date and time prefix to allow you to revert to a point in time.

When you have selected the file, copy it to the main folder.

Delete the "" file

Rename the timestamped file to "" (remove the date and time).

Continue writing with Scrollistic.