Before importing

To enable Scrollistic to "break up" your import file into chapters, it needs to be able to identify chapter headers in your file. Before importing a document you need to make sure the document has chapter headers which are on a separate line to the other text and start with "Chapter" or "chapter" or any mix of upper and lower case characters.

If you do not do this your document will be imported whole into a new chapter.

Note: You can turn off a chapter header by opening the chapter manager and unchecking "Number Chapter". This will set the chapter number to zero and will not be visible is the finished document.

Scrollistic can import plain text and RTF files. When importing RTF files, the file contents are cleaned to remove any extraneous formatting. This may include any italic, bold or underline formatting.

Export in plain text

If you are importing from Word, you first need to save your document as "Plain Text *.txt".

On the file conversion dialogue select "Windows Default" for the Text Encoding.

Uncheck "Insert line breaks".

Check "Allow character substitution".

Next. Import to Scrollistic


Select the required action for the imported chapters. If you are not importing into a new project, you need to decide what happens to any chapters already in your document.

You can add new chapters before the existing ones, after the existing ones or you may decide to replace the existing ones. Replacing will delete any chapters you already have, so it may be useful to create a backup first.

If you have text in the import file which comes before chapter 1, such as a title page or preface, it will be all be imported as Chapter 1. This means your imported chapters will be out of step, your real chapter 1 will be Chapter 2. You can switch off the chapter header as described above and it will print as Front Matter. You may need to split this new chapter (the Front Matter) into separate chapters to ensure page breaks are included at the appropriate positions. Uncheck "Number Chapter" on the Chapter Management screen for all chapters which do not require a chapter header.

Advanced use: You can import any plain text you need, whether it has a chapter structure or not. You can use this to pull in blocks of text from any source and Scrollistic will wrap them in a new chapter.

You can then select parts of the chapter text and move it to the ClipList and paste it to different chapters, should you need to.