Manually restoring a backup

Scrollistic has an automated restore function on the settings page. However, if you cannot open your document for any reason you may need to manually restore a previous version from the backups folder. File corruption is rare but can happen so Scrollistic creates lots of backups in case the worst happens.

Firstly, make sure you can see file extensions in the file explorer. Go to Windows Settings and type "file extensions" into the search box. The setting we need to check is "Show or hide file extensions". Select this option and a new windows will open showing the "File extension" options. Ensure "hide extensions for known file type" is not selected. If you need to change the setting, do so now and click OK.

Next we start File Explorer (type file explorer into the windows search box) and navigate to your document folder. If you selected the default location when creating your document it will be in a sub folder of you "Documents" folder. The folder name will be your document name. I will call this folder your "document root" folder for clarity.

Your current document is in a file called "" within your document root folder. This is the file we are going to replace with the backup. We need to rename your current to allow us to replace it whist keeping it in case we want to revert to it later on for any reason. Right click on and rename this file to "" or similar.

Now open the backups folder and select the file you want to restore. The file creation date and the file size may give you a clue as to which file to choose. Or you could start at the newest file and work backwards until you have restored the correct version.

Once you have decided on a file, select it and type "Control c" to copy it. Now return to the top level of your document root (go up a folder) and type "Control v" to paste the file into the folder. You can also use the right click menu to copy and paste if you wish. Don't be tempted to "Move" the backup into the document root as this will remove it from the backups folder and you may need it again.

You will notice the file name has a timestamp number in the file name similar to this "20170430 1559". We need to rename it to simply "".

Now start Scrollistic and, if we selected the correct backup, you should have a restored document. If not, you can repeat the process until you get to the first clean backup after the problem occurred.